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Omega Or Rolex? Which Of The Two Makes The Best Watch

Which watch is a better option, Rolex or Omega???

Both make amazing watches, there is no question about that. However, “better” is purely subjective, but if you are looking at a cost/benefit ratio, it’s a bit easier to discuss.

 In terms of prestige.

The Rolex brand is the most recognizable brand worldwide while Omega watches are still a bit behind. So as far as which watch is a bigger status symbol, one would have to say that the Omega watches fall a little short.

In terms of design.

Rolex has some classic designs that are iconic. Take the Rolex Submariner, a timepiece largely unchanged through the years in basic designs, but with incremental upgrades through its lifespan. Things like Sapphire crystals, ceramic bezels, upgrades to the movement in terms of accuracy, and stability.

Omega on the other hand, is making some amazing, revolutionary movements, based off the Coaxial escapement design. Very cool, and also capable of tremendous stability and accuracy. They have made some design choices with certain lines many people question, but so has Rolex (the YachtMaster II comes to mind).

If you are looking at an investment.

Rolex is probably a bit better, losing less value after purchase, and some of the vintage models resell for much more money. But, impossible to predict, and you’ll likely be disappointed if you buy a watch solely for its investment potential.

There are many reasons to choose either one of these watches. The big question would be that if one is going to have to ask themselves before making a purchase is: – Which features are more valuable to me and also meets my unique taste and needs? You need to be the judge of that.

So if you ask, who makes the better watch? Rolex has a slight edge.

Who has the better bang for your buck? ABSOLUTELY Omega.

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